NBA Playoffs

NBA Playoffs: Stay Ready, Don’t Get Ready

Many basketball fans anticipate this time of year because of the intense nature of NBA playoff games.  During this time, players appear to give 100% effort in hopes of winning an NBA championship.  You will see players dive on the floor, protect their teammates, and do whatever it takes to win the trophy.  Some players will live up to their potential, while others will experience performance letdowns.  The beauty of the playoffs is the mystique of the zero sum game, meaning that a team will either win or go home.  Consequently, some teams will take advantage of their opportunity or they won’t.  The NBA playoffs are no time for experimentation.  It’s about execution and commitment.  Some players will enhance their legacy, while others may see their careers diminish.  Preparation is essential for players to take advantage of an opportunity of a life time.  How a person prepares for the big moment can be the difference between success and failure.

NBA players prepare to win a championship, months before the season begins.  Preparation is about running extra sprints when you don’t feel like it.  It’s about staying home to study game film when friends are out partying.  And finally, preparation is about visualizing success before it happens.  With that in mind, it is never a surprise who wins the NBA championship.  The team that is discipline enough to prepare mentally, physically, and spiritually will achieve victory.  Total preparation is what distinguishes a good team from a great team.  Preparation is key because it gives players the confidence to execute without overthinking the game, and is the difference between the team that wins the 2017 NBA championship and the team that falls short.

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