3 Ways to Begin a Sustainable Coaching Career in Basketball


Many former student-athletes, who played basketball, desire to become a basketball coach.  After graduation, these former student-athletes want to spread their knowledge of the game.  The problem is they need guidance on how to get into the coaching profession.  Here are three things student-athletes should consider before graduating college.  These principles will help begin a sustainable coaching career in basketball.

Become a Health & Physical Education Teacher

When deciding on a college program, choose to major in Health & Physical Education.  Students who major in Health & Physical Education most likely will become a teacher.  Teaching is very similar to coaching.  Every great coach seems to have effective teaching skills.  Becoming a Health & Physical Education teacher allows a future coach to develop essential teaching skills.  These skills will ultimately help a coach understand how to coach effectively.

Most K-12 school districts require coaches to be a certified school teacher.  Certified school teachers are eligible to earn a stipend in addition to a teaching salary.  In some school districts, non-certified teachers are allowed to coach basketball.  However, non-certified school teachers will only receive a stipend.

Become a Graduate Assistant

While in college, a future coach should make plans to become a graduate assistant.  Graduate assistants work closely with a college basketball team.  These individuals have a unique opportunity to learn from coaches on a coaching staff.  Becoming a graduate assistant gives future coaches the experience needed to become a basketball coach.  Also, graduate assistants will further their education by earning a master’s degree.

Build Your Network

Networking is an essential skill that can help propel a coaching career.  Get connected with individuals who are in the coaching field.  This can make a huge difference in building a sustainable coaching career.  Building a coaching network will help individuals know when coaching opportunities become available.  Sometimes, getting a job in coaching is not about what you know.  Often, getting a job in coaching is about who you know.  More importantly, in order to build a sustainable coaching career, getting a job in coaching is about who knows you!

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