Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook’s Intensity:  A Lesson for Everyone

Westbrook’s Intensity

Russell Westbrook is a talented NBA star, known for playing with intensity. Every game, he competes with a high level of intensity that is often unmatched by his opponent. Many people criticize Westbrook for not being able to control his intensity during crucial moments of the game. However, Westbrook’s intense nature is what makes him a fan favorite and one of the best players in the NBA.

Russell Westbrook is a prime example of what it means to give 100% on the basketball court. He makes this happen, by playing each possession with a high level of energy and focus. Westbrook’s enthusiastic demeanor and intensity is what makes him an elite player. His basketball success proves that competing with intensity is essential to gain the edge over the competition.  When striving to achieve a goal, it appears that we should have the energy and focus of Russell Westbrook. And, we should allow our intensity to motivate us along the journey to achievement.

2 thoughts on “Russell Westbrook’s Intensity:  A Lesson for Everyone”

  1. I was just telling my younger brother the other day that, if he’s going to try and model any basketball player’s mindset on the court, it should be Westbrook’s intensity. Talent and skill will get you far, but that intense drive will take you to the top.

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