Klay Thompson

3 Life Lessons Learned from Klay Thompson’s Picture Perfect Jump Shot

  1. Balance
    • One reason Klay Thompson shoots the basketball effectively is because his body is always balanced. Balance is essential when attempting to become great in a particular area.  One meaning of balance is when a person uses their skills in multiple ways.  Identify how you can provide value to others in multiple ways that is unique to your personality.
  2. Confidence
    • Klay Thompson shoots the basketball confidently regardless of the outcome of the previous shot. The road to success requires confidence that does not waver despite external factors, like not getting hired for the job you eagerly wanted.  Stay confident in the gifts and talents you have been given.  And, pursue your dreams with a sense of urgency.
  3. Repetition
    • Thompson’s shooting form is impeccable because of repetition. Success will come from consistently perfecting your craft.  Achieving a goal will not happen overnight.  However, with proper repetition and determination, a dream can become a reality.

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