Team USA

Why Winning an Olympic Gold Medal is Essential for USA Men’s Basketball

Representing an Entire Country

The USA Men’s Basketball team must win an Olympic Gold Medal!  These talented individuals who make up this team represent an entire country and not a single NBA team.  Competing for the USA team requires each person to come out of his comfort zone in order to fulfill the team’s mission.  For example, Draymond Green will not be able to attempt as many shots he normally takes when playing for the Golden State Warriors.  Taking on the added responsibility of representing an entire country appears to be a challenging task.  An external challenge to team USA winning a gold medal is maintaining its dominance and prestige when competing against opposing nations.  An internal challenge is to compete against the legacy of former USA teams like the Dream Team.  I believe that if the USA team continues to play selflessly, by sharing the basketball on offense, they will bring home a gold medal.

Assist of the Week

Basketball is a sport that requires individual’s to act selflessly in order to accomplish the mission of the team.  Players must help one another and act as a support system whenever a teammate needs assistance.  Although team USA is made up of some of the most talented individuals in the world, they must play selflessly.  This happens by each player taking fewer shots, accepting less playing time, and making the extra pass to an open teammate.  A team’s ability to support one another and act selflessly will determine if the team stays unified or experience dysfunction.

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