Steve Kerr

Can Steve Kerr Manage the Warriors “Super Team?”


Kevin Durant made a controversial decision to sign with the Golden State Warriors for the 2016-2017 season.  Last season, the Warriors finished with a historic regular season record of 73-9.  During the playoffs, The Golden State Warriors beat Durant’s Oklahoma City Thunder to advance to the NBA finals.  Many people question why an NBA superstar like Kevin Durant would join the already talented roster of the Warriors.  With the addition of Durant, some individuals claim that the Golden State Warriors are destined for a championship.  Although the Warriors appear to be an extremely talented team, coaching will be an essential element that will make or break their chances of winning a championship.

Kerr’s Coaching

Regardless of how talented the Golden State Warriors are, Kerr’s coaching will be a cause behind the team’s success or failure.  Head Coach Steve Kerr will have to successfully coach the individual personalities, egos, and talents that make up the Warriors roster.  One of his challenges could be to ensure that every player stays focused on team goals instead of individual goals.  Kerr’s ability to eliminate distractions and keep players focused on the team’s mission will be a sign of effective coaching.  His effective coaching and management skills will determine whether the Golden State Warriors reach its goal or comes up short.

Management Assist

When managing a basketball team, the success of the organization appears to depend on the leader’s ability to manage its talents.   Having talented individuals does not always equal positive results.  It is the leader’s responsibility to manage each intricate part of the organization.  The leader’s managerial duty is to ensure that the organization functions to its full potential.  This happens by motivating each person to give their best effort by making each individual feel valued.  Steve Kerr’s management skills will be on full display this upcoming season.  With the addition of Kevin Durant, many basketball fans will wait with anticipation on a Warriors NBA Championship.   If the Warriors win, I believe individuals in the sports industry will praise Steve Kerr’s ability to manage one of the most talented teams in NBA history.   A coach’s ability to successfully manage multiple components of an organization is the difference between accomplishing goals and experiencing defeat.

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