Carmelo Anthony

USA Basketball Exposes Carmelo Anthony

Melo’s Leadership

Carmelo Anthony’s participation with USA Basketball seems to have positively exposed his ability to lead.  Commentators and analysts suggest that Carmelo has become the veteran leader and voice of reason for the team.  Contrary to Melo’s spectacular play with USA Basketball, during the NBA season, he experiences much criticism.  One criticism in particular is his inability to lead the New York Knicks to an NBA Finals.  Carmelo’s involvement with USA Basketball seems to explain the concept of being surrounded by greatness.

Iron Sharpens Iron

Individuals who surround themselves with others who have similar goals, professional work ethic, and a desire to achieve, increase their chances of success.  USA Basketball is made up of NBA stars.  This allows everyone to focus on their specific strengths.  Because Carmelo is surrounded by other great players, he can focus solely on being the effective scorer and leader that he truly is.  It is essential to be in the presence of others who bring out the best version of you.  Most likely, these individuals will push you to reach your full potential.  One way to grow as a leader is to be surrounded by others who exude excellence.  It appears that individuals seem to grow to the level of the professionals they surround themselves with.  Carmelo Anthony and USA Basketball is an example of how to reach ones full potential.  To use a biblical reference, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”  As Carmelo is being challenged by his peers, his natural leadership qualities are rising to the surface.

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