Michael Jordan

How Michael Jordan Has Sustained Greatness

Michael Jordan is arguably the best basketball player in the history of the NBA.  With 6 NBA championship titles, among numerous accolades, MJ seems to be untouchable in the eyes of many.  When determining what has allowed MJ to hold the title of “best player” for so long, I think it’s important to develop specific criteria for measurable evidence.  Under the criteria of “best player,” one of the main components where Jordan seemed to excel would be dominance.  Regardless of who MJ’s opponents were, he exuded a level of dominance that was unparalleled.  He seemed to have his own standard of how the game should be played and attempted to reach that standard during every possession.

If dominance was measured in terms of gears in a car, 5th being the highest, MJ appeared to always be in 5th gear.  Playing at the level of 5th gear was simply Michael’s standard of play.  Other extremely talented and skilled players appear to only perform in 5th gear when the situation calls for it.  Being able to show dominance without allowing external factors like, social issues to influence one’s effort appears to be an essential asset to success.  When an individual can knowingly reach a goal by only giving 75% effort, they will experience being good.  However, greatness comes when an individual can knowingly reach a goal by only giving 75% effort, but they choose to give 100%.

In order to be considered as the best in a particular industry and sustain greatness, the component of dominance seems to be an appropriate criterion to be considered.  Being dominant in a particular field despite external factors appears to be a trait that individuals should strive to acquire.  Holding ourselves accountable and developing a personal standard of excellence could be the difference between good and experiencing sustained greatness.

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